Petroleum is the most used energy source in our nation. 75% of the 6.79 billion gallons of petroleum that were used in 2012 were used for fuel sources. Petroleum is the most common and debated economic product today. America makes more money off of petroleum than any other product. The industrial use of petroleum is the most increasing use of petroleum. The industrial uses of petroleum in North Dakota have gone up by about .4% in 2 years and have had a steady increase sense then.
In the case of billions, that is a lot. What I’m trying to say is that we need to value our petroleum and preserve it to keep it in the economy. Our economy (other countries too) depend deeply on petroleum. I’m not saying we need to find a bunch of other natural energy resources, I’m saying we need to find ways to use less of it or expand the amount by using ethanol, which is not an excellent idea but not a bad one either. Anyways I’m am open to new ideas or debates on petroleum. Leave an opinion in the comments. Please talk about petroleum and not my grammar skills.